Cozy Chic Design & Home Staging - Transform Your Space with Style!
About Us...Cozy Chic Design & Home Staging was the brain-child of Jennifer Griswold.  In 2008, Jennifer had just finished becoming certified as a Stager from HSR (Home Staging Resource) when she saw the need to have access to wholesale decorating merchandise.   She contacted Janet Davison, because Janet was an Executive Branch Director for Home Interiors and Gifts, a decorating company based in Dallas Texas.
The two of them hit it off well from the start. Before the ink was dry on Jennifer's application for wholesale buying privileges, Janet had signed on to be her partner in the "just about to launch" staging company, Cozy Chic Design & Home Staging.
They were an unlikely duo that made it work!  Jennifer had degrees in business and education and was an Air Force Reservist, while Janet had a business degree and 39 years of experience in Decorating.  Now they had a new venture!
Cozy Chic Design started off as a full service decorating company including Real Estate Staging, Home Décor, Redesign, Remodeling Consultations, and Redesign Education.  
In late 2010, just as Cozy Chic Design & Home Staging was voted the #2 Staging and Decorating Company in Vacaville for the year, Jennifer's Air Force family was transferred to Washington DC.  
Janet became the sole proprietor.
In 2012 - Janet retired:) 
Or, at least, she intended to.
She says, "I LOVE staging and Redesign -- but am not crazy about marketing, one fine day in August of 2012, I scraped off my car advertising, canceled my work phone, shut down my webpage, wrote a closing article for the Vacaville Magazine, thanked my clients and helpers, etc.-- and thought I had quit!"
The reputation of Cozy Chic Design kept the business!    

2014 Janet retired for real and, AnnA Schafer becomes the new owner!
One of the reasons for Cozy Chic's phenomenal success is the dedicated help of AnnA Schafer.  Originally from Canada, AnnA, her husband and two children moved to Vacaville in 2004.  

AnnA achieved her training as an Interior Decorator at Penn Foster and achieved Certification as a Redesign Artist from Cozy Chic Design. Seeking practical application of what she had learned, AnnA began working as an intern for Cozy Chic Design in January on 2009.
In this capacity she participated in "hands-on-training" and proved her ability, competence and knowledge in all aspects of Redesign and Staging.  Speaking of her intern experience, AnnA says, "I loved every minute of it.  With the knowledge and experience that I have gained in both my schooling and working with the Cozy Chic team, I feel I can turn Drab into Fab!"

After completing internship, AnnA continued to add excitement and energy to the Cozy Chic Design team. And -- in May of 2014, when Janet "Officially Retired" -- she sold the thriving Design/Staging company to her "right arm" and good friend, AnnA Schafer!

Janet says, "I am thrilled to see Cozy Chic Design continue under AnnA's ownership.  She is so capable!  So dedicated!  And So talented!   I know the business will continue to thrive.

                                       Talk about the "American Dream"!  
                                                Way to go, AnnA!"